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Senior Membership

Senior Member privileges include:

  • Full use of club facilities.
  • Participate in all club activities and social events.
  • Voting right at AGM or at a Meetings of the Membership.
  • Entitled to hold office.
  • Priority dock allocation consideration.
  • Spouse and children under 18 years old have full use of the Club’s facilities.
  • Share in any distribution of Club assets.


  • Must be 18 years old.
  • 30 work hours per year.
  • Senior members are required to pay an initiation fee, plus purchase a non-interest bearing Club Debenture.
  • Only senior members are allowed to bring a keel boat into the Club and upon being allocated an assigned dock, senior members must also purchase a Dock Debenture and a Launch Haul Out Debenture.
  • All debentures are redeemable after a member resigns from the Club.


2023 Fees:  

Initiation fee

Club Debenture

Dock Debenture

Launch Haul Out Debenture





Annual dues (2023) $840.00
Haul-out, winter storage, launch (2023) $20.86 / linear foot


Representative fees according to boat size
(includes summer dock, haul out, winter
storage and launch fees)

24 feet


30 feet


36 feet


42 feet


Please Note:
A 2023 Capital Assessment fee of $200.00 is charged to all Senior members and is included in the Annual Dues.  All Annual Dues and fees are subject to 13% HST.

The Club Debenture may be paid over two years in eight quarterly installments of $555.25, which includes HST and a $600 surcharge.

All Fees have been approved for fiscal 2023 and will be subject to change in subsequent years.

This information is a summary of membership categories, fees, privileges and obligations. Club bylaw and policy documents supersede this information where they differ.