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EYC Annual Single Handed Race – July 08, 2017

The Single Handed Race was sailed July 8th and was a great success! Thanks to all the boats who came out to try their hand at shorthanded racing. Congratulations to Epona (Small White Sail), Djembe (Mid White Sail), Volga (Large White Sail), and Hobie 63019 (Catamaran & Sport Boat) on their First place finishes in their fleets. Up next is the Double Handed Race on August 12th. For complete results from the Single Handed Race, click here

The Puffin Cup – June 11, 2017

The Puffin Cup sailed June 11th and while attendance for Etobicoke Yacht Club boats was up, Mimico Cruising Club was able successfully to defend their 2016 Puffin Cup title. The Puffin Cup is a friendly challenge between EYC and MCC. It runs each year when spirits are high just after both clubs participate in their Sail Past festivities.


Unlike most events in sailing, in the Puffin Cup high points contribute to a win. The first-place boat, Puffin (MCC) is awarded points equal to the number of contributing participants in the race (24) while for each subsequent finisher, one point is subtracted. At the end of the race, the total number of points for each club are tallied to determine a winner. This year, EYC fell short of MCC by a margin of 139 to 161; a much closer tally than in a 114 to 151 defeat back in 2016.


Despite coming up short, the conditions were great, EYC’s numbers were up, and even some cruising boats took a shot at racing on the day. It was a great day to be on the lake, and a great kick off to this year’s weekend racing between the two clubs.


Up next are the single handed (July 8th), double handed (August 12th) and the night race (September 1st).


For complete results of this year’s Puffin Cup, click here.



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